The final heats of the Limbing

And so it was time do decide who's going to be the world champion of logging 2010. The last three limbing races consisted of the participants with the top ten total scores prior to this discipline. Of course it is possible that someone with a lower score performs a perfect race an thereby beats these ten, but it still very likely that someone with the best starting position will bring home the gold medal. Who will it be?

This is the standings before the Limbing discipline. As you see, not many points differ these participants. Every second is worth four points and every penalty is worth 20 points in deduction, so as you see anything can happen!

1. Johann Raffl, Italy - 1220
2. Ole Harald L. Kveseth, Norway - 1213
3. Hannes Herzog, Austria - 1211
4. Armin Tanner, Liechtenstain - 1199
5. Jean Michel Petitqueux, France - 1198
6. Marco Trabert, Germany - 1197
7. István Juhász, Hungary - 1196
8. Lerch Orlando, Switzerland - 1195
9. Andres Olesk, Estonia - 1192
10. Gerhard Briechle, Germany - 1184

The first of the three heats consists of four participants and the last two of three participants in each. As usual, we brought Anders Kragner to give us some expert comments on these exciting heats. A lot of people of course was very interested and it was sometimes hard for us to get everything on tape. But most of it are covered! So, if you are ready for the peak of excitement in the World Logging Championship 2010, just take take a look at the three videos below and enjoy!




Two great limbing races

The total score prior to Limbing, that determines the starting order in this final discipline, had resulted in giving us two great duels. Well, of course there are four participants in each race, but in these two races there are two loggers in each that you know very well. This gives us a little extra interest in these races.

Lars Strandell vs. Florian Huster

First out is a battle between the old and the young, the experienced and the newcomber. Closest to the camera you see the Swedish logger Lars Strandell, one of the most experienced participators of all time in the WLC. On the lane furthest away you see the young talent Florian Huster from Germany (read an interview with Florian here). This is going to be a close race. Who will come out on top? Take a look!

Gediminas Statsiumas vs. Lasse Kjaer
Many have stated that this year's World Logging Championship belongs to the junior participants. Not only did we get a world record set by a U24 participant this weekend (Ole Harald L. Kveseth in Fitting another chain), we are also struck by the way all the U24 results are definitely comparable to those of the senior participants. Two of our most interesting junior participants are these two: Gediminas Statsiumas from Lithuaniua, who managed to get a gold medal in the Bucking with combined cuts, are facing Lasse Kjaer from Denmark, who received the gold medal in Precision bucking. Interviews with both of them can be found here. Only two points set them apart in the total score prior to this discipline. Every second will be extremely valuable. Ready, set go!



Husqvarna limbing highlights

On the Husqvarna Loggers Blog we have highlighted a lot of loggers from all over the world, especially during this weekend in Zagreb. We then of course wanted to film some of the participants that you already know on their limbing performances. Below you can find three of our dearest Husqvarna/Jonsered users. Will they make it in the final discipline?

Domine Krese from Slovenia

The Slovenian logger had the starting numner 75 in the Limbing discipline (we hope you remeber the inverted starting positions relative the total score so far). With a total score of 1130 so far, Domine needed to advance. Take a look at his performance.

Arjan Essenstam from The Netherlands

This is our friend Arjan Essenstam, who you all know from Thursday's blog post where he helped us explaining the rules and strategy for all the five disciplines. If you want to, you can take a look at it here. Arjan then claimed the Limbing to be his favorite discipline. He didn't expect this weather though. Does it affect him? Take a look.

Ole Kjaer from Denmark

The happy Danish logger Ole Kjaer did manage to get rewarded with a gold medal for his achievement in the Precision bucking discipline. Take a look at an interview with him right after his Tree felling or take a look at his comments on the gold medal. Now he wants more! It's time to perform in limbing. Will he will more medals?



Styrbjörn Kindströmer from Sweden in Limbing

Later in the afternoon, we took the opportunity to take a look at the talented Swedish logger Styrbjörn Kindströmer, who had the staring number 69 in the Limbing discipline. He had managed to get 1125 points prior to this, which had put him about hundred points behind the leader Hans Raffl from Italy. Now it was time to reduce this score gap and Styrbjörn was really psyched up to perform his very best.


We had a small chat with Styrbjörn right after the race, to talk about they way he experienced his effort. It's very important not to disturb the participants when they are in connection to their discipline performances, that's why we hesitate a little bit before approaching him.



Time for Limbing!

It was finally time for the Limbing discipline, the last of the five that counts into the total score. Limbing is together with the Tree felling the discipline where most points are at stake, which makes it extra thrilling!

To raise the bar on excitement even further, the staring postions are arranged so that the participator with the lowest total score so far starts first and the total leader starts last. 122 participants are competing and in the very top we have Hans (Johann) Raffl from Italy with 1220 points so far. This therefore give him the very last starting position (122).

We got to the competition area when Jukka Perämäki from Finland with the starting number 33 was about to perform the Limbing. Here you can take a look at his race and get an idea of how the discipline works.



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