The medal ceremony of the technical disciplines at WLC 2010

After the competition today we went to the Hotel I in Zagreb, where all the participants are staying. This is also where the official dinners are held and where the medal ceremony takes place. The presentation of the medals is separated in two halves. One today (Saturday) where the winners in the following disciplines are awarded:

·      Fitting another chain

·      Bucking with combined cuts

·      Precision bucking

Both the senior and the junior participants of each discipline are rewarded. This means that we got to see six winners’ stands this evening. We had not got the final results from day 2 when we left the competition area, so getting the results read out was very exciting for us, as well as for most of the participants.

Most notable participant was the young Norwegian Ole Harald L. Kvesetih. Not only did he get a medal in all the three disciplines rewarded this evening (gold, silver and bronze), he also managed to set a new world record in the Fitting another chain discipline. And by that we don’t mean a world record just for U24 participant. He actually fitted a new chain on his machine faster than no one in the world has ever done officially before. No doubt this kid’s got a talent for logging.

In the U24 class, the Precision bucking discipline was won by Lerch Orlando from Switzerland and the talented Lithuanian participant Gediminas Stiasiunas won the Bucking with combined cuts discipline with his Husqvarna  576 XP. We actually got a chat with Gediminas and his team leader yesterday, right before their turn to perform the Tree felling. Here is that episode:


Looking at the professional (senior) class, the gold medal for Fitting another chain was rewarded the German logger Gerhard Briechie. He actually had the world record for about an hour, before the young Norwegian took it away form him.

The Bucking with combined cuts discipline was won by Andres Olesk from Estonia. We got an interview with him right after the medal ceremony. He brought a team friend to help him with the English.


Last but not least we have the Loggers Blog celebrity Ole Kjaes from Denmark who won the Precision bucking. The talent for logging precision seems to run in the family. Ole’s brother is a former world champion and his nephew, Lasse Kjaer, took the bronze medal in the same discipline in this years championship. We got to speak with them both after the ceremony:


The medalists in the three technical disciplines:

Fitting another chain

Professional class (seniors)

1.     Gerhard Briechie, Germany – 138 points (08.93 s)

2.     Hannes Herzog, Austria – 134 points (09.69 s)

3.     Róbertti Rittilinger, Hungary – 134 poins (09,79 s)


U24 class (juniors)

1.     Ole Harald L. Kvesetih, Norway – 140 points (08,36 s)

2.     Harald Umgeher, Austria – 132 points (10,36)

3.     Camille Nolleti, France – 128 poins (11,21 s)


Bucking with combined cuts

Professional class (seniors)

1.     Andres Olesk, Estonia – 199 points (23,00 s)

2.     Vesa Kurki, Finland – 197 points (25,00 s)

3.     Thomas Wickertti, Germany – 196 poins (31,00 s) and Milan Zujic, Serbia - 196 points (31,00 s)


U24 class (juniors)

1.     Gediminas Stiasiunas, Lithuania – 192 points (25,00 s)

2.     Patirik Francuz, Slovakia – 189 poins (29,00 s)

3.     Ole Harald L. Kvesetih, Norway – 187 points (23,00 s)


Precision bucking

Professional class (seniors)

1.     Ole Kjaer, Denmark – 251 points (22,45 s)

2.     Armin Tanner, Liechtenstein – 246 points (24,09 s)

3.     Hannes Herzog, Austria – 242 points (26,14 s)


U24 class (juniors)

1.     Lerch Orlando, Switzerland – 243 points (24,90 s)

2.     Ole Harald L. Kvesetih, Norway – 242 points (22,07 s)

3.     Lasse Kjaer, Denmark – 236 points (21,38 s)


All in all a good WLC so far for the Husqvarna and Jonsered team. Brand users produced six medals in total, where three of them were gold medals. Tomorrow we will see the result of the Tree felling and Limbing disciplines, as well as the individual and national total. It is going to be an exciting day!



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