The continued success of Hans Raffl

Yesterday we covered the performance of the technical disciplines from the Italian participator Hans Raffl. (We've actually heard that his real name is Johan, but people seem to call him Hans and the Loggers Blog will follow). Hans made a good result in all three disciplines. Not rewarded with any medal, but the biggest hope from the Husqvarna crew is for him to take home the total gold medal. To do this, he is bound to perform well in the Tree felling discipline as well.

From a distance we saw Hans go into the Tree felling area and we ran after him. Anders Kragner tagged along. It was quite nervous to follow the performance from Hans. He had to perform well! And how did he do? Take a look!



Hans Raffl from Italy performs the technical disciplines

When it comes to the Italian team, there is a lot of good hopes from the Husqvarna crew. They have definitely got what it takes to claim a couple of medals. Their starting position was pretty late, so they did not perform any disciplines yesterday. When it was time to do the technical disciplines this afternoon it was actually their first appearance in the World Logging Championship 2010.  

We don’t know if you can tell the weather conditions from the videos, but the sky is actually open here in Zagreb. The rain keeps pouring and the ground is just a big lake right now. But water won’t stand in the way of the Italians. They are on their toes to do their best performances ever.

Hans Raffl from the north of Italy is definitely one of the participants with good chance of bringing home the gold medal in the total score. By the look of his focused face expression, there is no question about his ambitions. We took the chance to follow him during his performance in the three technical disciplines: Fitting another chain, Bucking with combined cuts and Precision bucking. Anders Kragner gives us expert analysis as usual and he is very impressed by the way Hans went out for this task.

Take a look at the three videos below to see his performances:


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