Styrbjörn Kindströmer from Sweden in Limbing

Later in the afternoon, we took the opportunity to take a look at the talented Swedish logger Styrbjörn Kindströmer, who had the staring number 69 in the Limbing discipline. He had managed to get 1125 points prior to this, which had put him about hundred points behind the leader Hans Raffl from Italy. Now it was time to reduce this score gap and Styrbjörn was really psyched up to perform his very best.


We had a small chat with Styrbjörn right after the race, to talk about they way he experienced his effort. It's very important not to disturb the participants when they are in connection to their discipline performances, that's why we hesitate a little bit before approaching him.



Lars Strandell - The tree feller of tree fellers

In the year 2000, Lars Strandell from Sweden set the world record in the Tree felling discipline with the maximum score of 660 points. Lars has been competing in 17 World Logging Championships so far and is maybe the most experienced championship logger ever. This year he's back!

The Tree felling discipline was a bit delayed and for a while it looked like the Swedish team would have to wait until the Saturday to perform. But suddenly it got to be their turn and the Husqvarna Loggers Blog quickly took the chance to follow Lars in his felling execution. We got two video clips for you below. One where we interview Lars Strandell before the discipline and one where he fells the tree and comments it right after. How did he do? Take a look!



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