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We arrived in Zagreb late in the evening yesterday and checked in at the beautiful Hotel Antunovic Zagreb. First thing we did today was going to the competition site. A lot of activity going on, everyone is building display areas and preparing the site for the competition. There has been A LOT of raining going on last week, making the ground all messy and useless. To solve this, a lot of gravel and sand has been transfered to the site. It works! The result is though that everyone building has lost a day of work, making everyone a bit stressed. But the spirit is great in the Husqvarna team!

Here's a first video clip from the site.



The chainsaws from Husqvarna

In the World Logging Championship, there are two chainsaws being used by the Husqvarna crew: 372 XP and 576 XP. The Loggers Blog want to give you a little bit more information about these two machines. This may very well be the two best professional logging chainsaws on the market!


Husqvarna 372 XP®

The evolution of the 372 XP
Year 2000 the model 372 XP was launched worldwide. A true professional saw in the larger mid-size class, it was an evolution from the model 371 XP.  The 372 XP became very appreciated for its engine characteristics. Quick acceleration and high power spread over a wide rpm range is combined with low weight and great ergonomics. This was very suitable for pro loggers all over the world. A sign of this is that this machine has several gold and other medals in the World Logging Championships over the years. Probably more medals than any other single model!

The evolution continues
This year (2010) a new step is taken. The 372 XP is now released with X-Torq engine, with the same power to weight ratio as earlier and lower fuel consumption.

Husqvarna 576 XP®

The evolution of the 576 XP
The 576 XP was launched late 2008, an advanced saw for demanding professional use. It is an evolution of the model 575 XP, which was the first X-Torq pro saw on the world market. X-Torq is a Husqvarna technology causing very low emissions and reducing fuel consumption. The 576 XP therefore meets all known emission standards for chainsaws. The 576 XP has a considerable increased power to weight ratio compared to the 575 XP. During the development, the goals were not just a clean engine with high torque and power. Extensive tests also resulted in improved ergonomics to enhance user convenience.  Nowadays this model is used by a lot of loggers worldwide as well as in the World Logging Championship.

The evolution continues
This year, 2010, a new step is taken. The 576 XP has now versions with Autotune, a system that automatically adjusts the carburettor accordingly to different type of fuel, altitudes, air quality and adjust for optimal performance of the engine. 



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