Husqvarna Training Camp in Austria

It is very important for Husqvarna that the participants using Husqvarna equipment get the best possible preparation for the World Logging Championship in Croatia. To ensure this, Husqvarna invites the participants from all over the world to four-day training camps. Three training camps will be held: One in Austria, one in Estonia and one in The Netherlands. The first one in Langschlag, Austria was held in the middle of May.

Husqvarna training camp Austria

WLC participants from eight different nations participated and everyone was really thrilled to take part of the training. Husqvarna logging and product experts shared their knowledge and all the five disciplines was practiced till perfection.

Everything was set up for the participants to start immediately after arrival. First out was the training of tree felling. Florian Huster, the junior participant from Germany, showed impressive results early on. 629 points is a good score for a newcomer, not used to practice on real trees. He actually performed a good result in the rest of the disciplines and finished second in the total score, with a remarkable 432 points in the limbing disciplin.

Wolfgang Heidemann, also from Germany, performed the best score on the tree felling discipline (654 points). Sadly he won’t be competing for Germany in WLC 2010, he could have been a real good asset for the team.

In the discipline called “Fitting another chain”, Hans Raffl from Italy gave chocked everyone by performing the discipline faster than has ever seen before. Everyone familiar to this task knows that 8.87 seconds is a fantastic time record!

Precision bucking is a hard discipline to master! One of the most successful participants in the Langschlag was the Slovene Rober Cuk, who managed to get 248 points. Impressive! But not as impressive as the winner of the discipline: The Italian talent Massimilio “Max” Biemi who scored 251 points. Even though Max never managed to perform top results in all the other disciplines, he is one of the top candidates from Husqvarna for the total score gold medal in WLC 2010.

See the video from the training camp site:




Welcome to World Logging Championship 2010

This is the official blog for Husqvarnas participation in the World Logging Championship 2010. Here you will find fun and interesting updates about the competition, the Husqvarna participants, the products used and the world records waiting to be broken. Interviews, images, videos – it will all be published here.

World Logging Championship (also known as WLC) is the official biannual competition for professional loggers. This year WLC is held 24-26 September in Zagreb, Croatia. Every competing country will send a national team consisting of three senior participants and one junior participant. The individual winners of the separate disciplines and of the total score will be awarded and so will the winning national team. Please read more about WLC, about the disciplines, about the Husqvarna products used and about the last WLC held in Tripsdrill, Germany 2008.

The Husqvarna Loggers Blog will be updated every week starting now and throughout the competition. There will be a focus on the Husqvarna participants from all different regions and it will also be possible to for all you visitors to comment the blog posts. Feel free to support you national team or to discuss any chainsaw related matter. We from Husqvarna have experts ready to answer any relevant question.

During the WLC in September, this blog transform into a live update about the status of the different disciplines. You will get instant information about the results of the Husqvarna participants, interviews with winners and continuously published video posts from the site. This year is going to be the largest WLC so far. Make sure you don’t miss it!



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