The Future of Professional Logging

Every national team in the World Logging Championship consists of three senior participants and one junior participant. The latter is a part of a U24 regulation, which means that no junior participant can be older that 24. The year of birth and not the date of birth determines the age in this case.

The junior participants really are the future of professional logging. WLC is a perfect forum for young loggers to get experience and expert advices in their process of becoming real professionals. Not only do they get educated in how to be precise and effective, they also achieve excellence in logging safety and ergonomics.

Here are some of the future world logging champions, the junior participants using Husqvarna or Jonsered in WLC 2010:



Florian Huster, Germany







Gediminas Stasiunas, Lithuania







Gvido Kepitis, Latvia







Joni Toivio, Finland






Josh Russell, UK










Lasse Kjaer, Denmark





Lazlo Bako, Hungary






Roland Hinteregger, Italy






Shirakawa Hiroki, Japan








Vladimir Dashugin, Russia






Good luck in this years World Logging Championship!



What happened in 2008?

In the latest World Logging Championship in Germany 2008, the results we're surprisingly not in Husqvarna's favor. Our expert, Anders Kragner, shares some thought about this event from a Husqvarna perspective:

Several factors influenced Husqvarna's poor results in WLC 2008, Trippsdrill Germany. Our competitor Stihl managed to win, not only the overall gold medal, but also single disciplines. Luck, experience or whatever lays behind I really do not know, but I do know that Balz Recher from Switzerland is very competent and very highly skilled. He also had the fortune of being able to perform good results in all the five disciplines, which of course gives you great chance to win the total. That´s what he did and I can only say “Congratulations!”. Our contestants using Husqvarna apparently got “the other side of the coin”. A mistake here, another one there. Then the opportunity to win is gone! There was nothing to blame in the setup or the organisation of the competition. This year, the Husqvarna participants will enter the competition more prepared than ever and I hope they will be able to perform great results!




The first winners of the image competition

The first winners of the image competition has now been selected! Congratulations to the three winners! You will all get an exclusive Husqvarna backpack sent to you.

The competition will continue! Please keep sendning us your images. Send your image(s) to wlc@husqvarna.com. Don’t forget to write your name, address and phone number in your mail.


Winner nr. 1: Pieter Goemaere from Belgium


















Winner nr. 2: Giulia Novatti from Italy


















Winner nr. 3: Jean-Michel Petitqueux from France (Yes, the very one from the French national team participated in our competition! Read about him here.)




Participant: Hannes Holaus from Austia

This is the first time Hannes Holaus from Austria competes in the World Logging Championship. He has chosen to compete with a Husqvarna 372, since he believes this to be the best chainsaw ever. Husqvarna wishes you all the luck in the competition, Hannes!


Name: Hannes Holaus
Chainsaw: 372 XP
Daily Profession: Forester
Favorite discipline: Precision bucking
Needs more practice: Bucking by combined cuts

Hobby: Skiing
Favorite sport: Skiing
Favorite food: Cordon Bleu
Favorite movie: The Hangover
Favorite band/artist: Schürzenjäger
Biggest fear: Nothing!
In 10 years I will be: Healthy and having a family



Other participants from Austria: Mayr Simon



Participant: Jean Michel Petitqueux from France

This is the fourth WLC for the frenchman Jean Michel Petitqueux. He performed his best result in Germany 2008 and has great expectations on this year’s competition. On the Husqvarna hosted training camp in the Netherlands he impressed everyone with a score of 657 points in the tree felling discipline. The two Husqvarna chainsaws most commonly used in the WLC are 372 XP and 576 XP. Jean Michel has chosen to compete with the latter because he appreciates the great power of the machine.

Name: Jean Michel Petitqueux
Chainsaw: 576 XP
Daily Profession: Forester
Favorite discipline: Tree Felling
Needs more practice: Bucking by combined cuts

Hobby: Mountain biking
Favorite sport: Rugby
Favorite food: Belgian fries
Favorite movie: Any action movie
Favorite band/artist: All kinds of music
Biggest fear: Nothing!
In 10 years I will be: The same but younger


Other participants from France: Anthony Revillard







Video from the Estonian traning camp

Do you want to see what a Husqvarna training camp looks like? Here's a video from the Estonian training camp, prior to the World Logging Championship 2010. The participating loggers in the film are from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and Sweden. Enjoy!



Participant: Jiri Vorlicek from Czech Republic

Jiri Vorlicek comes from the Czech Republic. This is his second World Logging Championship and he will now try to improve his 49th place from Germany 2008. Even though he claims that he needs to practice his Limbing discipline, he actually made the top-5 in the dicipline in the previous WLC. It will be interesting to follow his results this year. Jiri competes with a Husqvarna 372 XP since he thinks that this chainsaw has the best combination of endurance and performance.

Name: Jiri Vorlicek
Chainsaw: 372 XP
Daily Profession: Technical & traning manager
Favorite discipline: Fitting another chain
Needs more practice: Limbing

Hobby: Beekeeping
Favorite sport: Ice hockey
Favorite food: Honey cake
Favorite movie: Rather watch the NHL Playoffs
Favorite band/artist: Pink and David Copperfield
Biggest fear: Nothing!
In 10 years I will be: In my forest



Other participants from Czech Republic: Jindrich Fazekas






Husqvarna training camp in the Netherlands

On the 17th – 19th of June the third Husqvarna training camp was held in the Netherlands. There where 28 participants from eight different countries competing. It was a mix of WLC experienced loggers and professional loggers who were about to enter their first competition.

The atmosphere during the training camp was great and the experienced competitors helped and trained the less experienced loggers. The result was that the less experienced competitors made big steps forward in improving their techniques and results, while the more experienced loggers where able to fine-tune their skills.

The Japanese team (all using the 576 XP) had their first experience with the five different disciplines. It was surprising to see how they picked up the different techniques and improved their skills enormously.  The best Japanese score was made by Tomohiro Maeda, with a total of 1 207 points, which is very good if you keep in mind that he had only two days of training.

The training competition held on the Saturday was won by the Dutchman Arian Essenstam, with the remarkable score of 1 622 points. His score in the limbing discipline was the most impressive: 440 points. Olle Kjaer from the Danish team finished second and the Belgian David Bergen had his best result ever with 1 552 points when he reached the third place.

Jean Michel Petitqueux from the French team had a very good score in the tree felling discipline, only 3 cm from the target and reached a score of 657 points. Hitting the board in the precision bucking discipline kept him of a very high score. On the precision bucking, Hugo van Bijsterveldt was able to cut of the disc completely without hitting the board and the other disc was just 2 mm from complete separation. This gave him the very high score of 247 points on this event.

The Dutch training camp was the last of the three hosted by Husqvarna. Now all the participants are prepared to perform their very best at the World Logging Championship in Croatia this fall.



Participant: Alexandr Mallat from Russia

This is Alexandr Mallat from the Russian team. He participated in his first WLC in Estonia 2006 and has had a great form chart since then. At the Husqvarna hosted training camp in Estonia this year he performed the best score out of all participants in the limbing discipline. This makes him a great challenger to the world record, held by his fellow-countryman Vadim Imankulov (not competing in this years WLC). He is a big fan of Husqvarna products and he has high expectations for the Russian team this year.

Name: Alexandr Mallat
Chainsaw: H 372 XP
Daily Profession: Engineer
Favorite discipline: Fitting another chain
Needs more practice: Bucking by combined cuts

Hobby: Fishing
Favorite sport: Biathlon
Favorite food: Meat
Favorite movie: Any action or comedy
Favorite band/artist: All rock bands
Biggest fear: Dying
In 10 years I will be: Owning a new car


Other participants from Russia: Vladimir Dashygin, Ilia Shvetsov, Oleg Baleychuk






Win a Husqvarna backpack with your images!

For a professional logger it is important have a strong relationship with your chainsaw. Many loggers see the machine as a dear friend and are proudly talking about the benefits of just their own model.

Now we really want to see images of you and your chainsaw together. In logging action or just posing. See the examples below. These are contestants from the Estonian training camp hosted by Husqvarna. One contestant training on the “Bucking with combined cuts” discipline and another one posing before felling a tree.

Send your image(s) to wlc@husqvarna.com. Don’t forget to write your name, address and phone number in your mail. The winners will be announced in the middle of August and will be rewarded with a nice Husqvarna backpack. The winning images will also be published on the Flickr and Facebook pages.


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