Win a Husqvarna backpack with your images!

For a professional logger it is important have a strong relationship with your chainsaw. Many loggers see the machine as a dear friend and are proudly talking about the benefits of just their own model.

Now we really want to see images of you and your chainsaw together. In logging action or just posing. See the examples below. These are contestants from the Estonian training camp hosted by Husqvarna. One contestant training on the “Bucking with combined cuts” discipline and another one posing before felling a tree.

Send your image(s) to wlc@husqvarna.com. Don’t forget to write your name, address and phone number in your mail. The winners will be announced in the middle of August and will be rewarded with a nice Husqvarna backpack. The winning images will also be published on the Flickr and Facebook pages.




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I’m a long timе watcher and I just considdred I’d drop by and sɑy hοwdy thеre for theеxtremely initial time.

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