Husqvarna limbing highlights

On the Husqvarna Loggers Blog we have highlighted a lot of loggers from all over the world, especially during this weekend in Zagreb. We then of course wanted to film some of the participants that you already know on their limbing performances. Below you can find three of our dearest Husqvarna/Jonsered users. Will they make it in the final discipline?

Domine Krese from Slovenia

The Slovenian logger had the starting numner 75 in the Limbing discipline (we hope you remeber the inverted starting positions relative the total score so far). With a total score of 1130 so far, Domine needed to advance. Take a look at his performance.

Arjan Essenstam from The Netherlands

This is our friend Arjan Essenstam, who you all know from Thursday's blog post where he helped us explaining the rules and strategy for all the five disciplines. If you want to, you can take a look at it here. Arjan then claimed the Limbing to be his favorite discipline. He didn't expect this weather though. Does it affect him? Take a look.

Ole Kjaer from Denmark

The happy Danish logger Ole Kjaer did manage to get rewarded with a gold medal for his achievement in the Precision bucking discipline. Take a look at an interview with him right after his Tree felling or take a look at his comments on the gold medal. Now he wants more! It's time to perform in limbing. Will he will more medals?




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