Husqvarna in Croatia

There are many people involved when it comes to events like the World Logging Championship. For Husqvarnas part, there is a lot of actions that needs to be taken care of: The large display area had to be built and staffed all the time, the participants needs a lot of assistance for their discipline performances and of course you also want to meet all the visitors and easpecially the visiting Husqvarna dealers and stakeholders. Many of the Husqvarna crew have travelled from Sweden to attend, but the event couldn't have been possible without the help from the Croatian partner and distributor Drezga Company, represented by Martina Drezga.

We let Anders Kragner, Martina Drezga and the marketing manager from Husqvarna, Sven-Erik Bengtsson, have a litte chat together the last day of the WLC 2010. Anders looks pretty comfortable in the reporter position. Maybe a future career?


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