Time for Limbing!

It was finally time for the Limbing discipline, the last of the five that counts into the total score. Limbing is together with the Tree felling the discipline where most points are at stake, which makes it extra thrilling!

To raise the bar on excitement even further, the staring postions are arranged so that the participator with the lowest total score so far starts first and the total leader starts last. 122 participants are competing and in the very top we have Hans (Johann) Raffl from Italy with 1220 points so far. This therefore give him the very last starting position (122).

We got to the competition area when Jukka Perämäki from Finland with the starting number 33 was about to perform the Limbing. Here you can take a look at his race and get an idea of how the discipline works.





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It takes very long time to organize the order between eight to 15 days.


Time for Limbing! | World Logging Championships 2010 by

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